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Cheer & Tumbling Training Center
Attention: High Schools, Grammer Schools, and Recreation Cheer Squads
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1.  Do you need a cheer spring floor for practice?


2.  Would you like to learn or enhance tumbling skills?

3.  Do you need work on stunting?

Then Contact:
Call 973-299-2992 NOW to reserve your slot.
All Levels
Every Wednesday: Starting February 21, 2007
$15.00 per class, pay as you go
If your squad needs:
Floor space for practice
Tumbling Classes or Clinics
Stunting Classes or Clinics
Squad or Individual Choreography
Come to “Star Athletics” for all your team needs!


Open Tumbling Class

Starting Wednesday: February 21, 2007.  All levels of tumbling welcome.  The cost of each class is $15.00 for the hour.

Summer cheer Camps

Tumble, Stunt, Jump, Cheer, Dance and Conditioning

Co-Ed and All Girl Stunting

Call 973.299.2992 or Email: to Schedule Dates and Prices

Choregraphy For Teams

Choreography includes the following: 3 – 2 ½ Hour Sessions @ Star Athletics 1 – 1 ½ Hour Routine clean up @ Star Athletics prior to your first competition


Dealing With Psoriasis as An Athlete

Dealing With Psoriasis as An Athlete

Having Psoriasis as a Gymnast: Mary's Story Psoriasis doesn't have a cure. So there goes your answer if you were thinking ways to get rid of psoriasis with only a book. By way of example, anyone with psoriasis should attempt to minimize all sorts of skin trauma,...

Where to Find the Best Gymnastics Instructors

The Star Athletics Guide to Best Gymnastics Instructors Instructors should make certain that every student receives a turn at every station. In the drilling section, the instructor will reveal to you some practices, and then you are going to practice those practices...

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