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“One Stop”
Cheer & Tumbling Training Center
Attention: High Schools, Grammer Schools, and Recreation Cheer Squads
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1.  Do you need a cheer spring floor for practice?


2.  Would you like to learn or enhance tumbling skills?

3.  Do you need work on stunting?

Then Contact:
Call 973-299-2992 NOW to reserve your slot.
All Levels
Every Wednesday: Starting February 21, 2007
$15.00 per class, pay as you go
If your squad needs:
Floor space for practice
Tumbling Classes or Clinics
Stunting Classes or Clinics
Squad or Individual Choreography
Come to “Star Athletics” for all your team needs!


Open Tumbling Class

Starting Wednesday: February 21, 2007.  All levels of tumbling welcome.  The cost of each class is $15.00 for the hour.

Summer cheer Camps

Tumble, Stunt, Jump, Cheer, Dance and Conditioning

Co-Ed and All Girl Stunting

Call 973.299.2992 or Email: to Schedule Dates and Prices

Choregraphy For Teams

Choreography includes the following: 3 – 2 ½ Hour Sessions @ Star Athletics 1 – 1 ½ Hour Routine clean up @ Star Athletics prior to your first competition


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