Trampoline is a device connecting a strong fabric with a piece of taut over a steel frame. These are connected using coiled springs enabling people to bounce on it. It is used for both recreational and competitive purposes. The cloth the forms the base portion of the net is not elastic by itself. The coils are connected to the trampoline in such a way that they get the elasticity. This part of the trampoline is called the bounce mat.

Trampoline and Tumbling


  • The knowledge about Trampoline is incomplete without knowing what tumbling is. Tumbling is a part of the acrobatic discipline which combines itself with trampolining.
  • The skills of the gymnast are exhibited on a 25meters long track that works exactly like a bounce mat. That why trampolining and tumbling are two things that go together.
  • The performer has to showcase 8 different skills in the process of crossing the trampoline track. It includes twisting somersaults, series of back-handspring and dismount skills. The crux of the sport lies in getting the body back to straight position after performing the two twisting somersaults.
  • Both men and women practice this sport. Tumbling is also carried out as a floor exercise, where the bounce mat doesn’t have a role to play. However, most of the tumbling events are held in conjunction with the trampoline events.

Rules and Policies of Tumbling Sport:

This acrobatic sport is governed by Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique shortly known as FIG. FIG first draws the code of ethics for the judges before they do it for the participants. The Judges are expected to be professional, objective and of course, free from prejudice.

The following are the things that the judging panel has to keep in mind:

  • The past performance of the athlete should not be a concern.
  • The warm-up session that an individual goes through should not influence the judge and at the same time. The warm-up session is in no way connected with the actual performance and carries no score.
  • Since the Judges work as a panel at times, they might face peer pressure. The decision of the others should not have an impact on the judge’s verdict. He must act independently and place his opinion frankly.
  • Since the judges are a part of the panel, they need not have to arrive at the same conclusion. Each one of them can have their own opinion.
  • The Judges have to be qualified enough to evaluate and find the right person who is worthy of moving to the next level.